Hello everyone,
Here is a little tutorial to help explain how the Propulsion smart contract works in detail.

With every ERC-20 token transfer that happens between $LOCC hodlers, 5% of the transaction is sent to the Propulsor smart-contract: 0x5d68FE6E6FF4f869B689132Cd8fecC5b6418b839
Github Code-Source of the Contract

For every 138 blocks that occur on the Ethereum chain ->
(Reviewable here) one staker will be chosen from the Propulsor contract at random to get all the fees collected during that period.

How to Stake in the Propulsor Contract to get a chance to get blasted into Orbit?
To join the next propulsion wave, you…

*To be deployed on Uniswap V2*

It’s been a wild start to 2021, Ethereum has climbed 520% year to date, while meme tokens like DOGE and Safemoon have blasted into space. With quarter 2 well underway, it’s time for a fresh new defi token to take center stage in our solar system! In just a few short days get ready for lift off! Low Orbit Crypto Cannon ($LOCC) presale will be taking place.

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting our public sale on Uniswap via Unicrypt in the form of an initial liquidity offering (ILO), beginning…

Low Orbit Crypto Cannon

LOCC — The Crypto Defi Deflationary Canon Pulsation Token Website: https://loworbit.finance Deployed on: Ethereum Network

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